My Story

Imagination has played an important part in my life since I was little.

At 7 years old I was the co-leader of the “Roller Kids”; a gang that rollerbladed around looking for (invented) adventures.

The “dark” side of imagination and introversion is that you tend to overthink. I was a very sensitive child and suffered after my parents’ divorce when I was 6.

The work I did with psychologists did not help me much, in fact in some senses it made me feel worse.

Being told that my parents were to blame, and forced to expose myself to something in order to overcome a habit with no real sense of inner-safety, did a lot of damage.

The way I found to deal with it all was going out a great deal and studying hard. I partied through my gap year in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. I partied and slogged through most of my university years, reading history and Spanish at the University of Warwick.

Doing Erasmus in Spain was my first turning point. I saw that there was a more relaxed, healthier way to live.

When I returned from Erasmus, my last year of university flowed remarkably. I studied much less but got higher grades, eventually getting a First Class Honours.

The second turning point was in my mid-twenties in Spain while I was working in content creation and acting at an e-learning SME in Seville Spain, with an inspiring and creative boss, Isabel Marin, and teammates.

Thanks to one of my teammates, Juan Mendez, I came across the world of coaching, and then we discovered meditation together.

I saw that there were other ways to feel safe and alive that were not traditional psychology nor partying (nor religion as I had conceived of when I was younger: Oh the guilt of not being “good enough!”). 

I trained as a professional coach in 2013, initially helping people to find work abroad, and improve their communication. I also went on numerous Tibetan Buddhist retreats.

Yet, even when I was meditating half an hour every morning, I still had a tendency to overthink for the rest of the day.

Until 2017 when, thanks to one of my best friends, Marcus Hemsley, I came across an understanding of the mind shared by Sydney Banks, which is simpler and more comprehensive than traditional psychological and coaching approaches.

It destroys a lot of misunderstandings about the nature of life and ourselves that make people put so much pressure on themselves and burn out.

Marcus, who co-founded Fountain, a million-turnover marketing agency, was using this understanding in his business with excellent results and recommended that I check it out.

Since then I trained in it extensively with Juanjo Quesada and Michael Neill, and also in NonDual Kashmir Shaivism with Mar and Juanjo, which points in the same direction.

I now share this simple and profound understanding of the body-mind in transformative coaching sessions, our Reconnect Weekends retreats, in companies, and in my online coaching group for ESL Speakers: English Coaching Network.

I help people to feel alive and joyful once again, and to have clarity on what they truly want and how to get it.

Similarly, I help people to communicate genuinely and impactfully with themselves and others. So as to have excellent relationships and be able to create whatever inspires them in the world.

I founded 0.0 Coaching “0.0 Excuses!” and now I have rebranded to Coaching to Reconnect.

Over the years I have also delivered high-impact training sessions and coaching to many professionals from companies such as Volvo, Melia, Vodafone, Airbus, Microsoft, Renfe, Santander, Phillip Morris, Naturgy, Wella, Ocean Winds, Sngular, ALSO, Fountain and Daimler, the university CEU.

I have taught many topics from wellbeing, communication, leadership, agile-leadership, change management, creativity and team building, to customer-oriented sales and service culture.

As an aside, I am also a co-author of the award-winning book: “Haz lo Que Temas Hacer” (Do What You Fear to Do), a speaker: I am the co-founder of a public speaking club in Madrid, and a singer and songwriter. I have released a couple of albums with different bands, and am currently recording some songs and singing and playing covers in acoustic in our duo band “Walk off Shame” with Jorge Vila.

I have always loved poetry. I currently attend Leo Zelada’s poetry group in Spanish “Exiles” to improve my poetry, and participate in poetry recitals.

Imagination still plays a huge part in my life. But now I know what it really is.

And I help others use imagination to their advantage from a very safe place inside of them.