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On average, a 1/4 of employees report experiencing burnout symptoms, according to a McKinsey Health Institute survey of nearly 15,000 workers across 15 countries.

Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report that researched 112,312 businesses across 96 countries, shows that there is a $322 billion of turnover and lost productivity cost globally due to employee burnout.

Stress and demotivation go hand in hand.

Both lead to low performance, poor communication and burnout.

People perform best when they are in a state of flow, not when they are stressed and uptight.

Most wellbeing interventions focus on managing stress and creating “happiness” at work.

They require busy people to learn more techniques and “to dos” that they won’t apply later.

Or to cover up their stress with quick fixes like a mindfulness session or pizza parties.

These interventions are limited, as they don’t get to the root of stress.

The root of stress is an ongoing misunderstanding about how the mind-body works.

Our Reconnect training sessions reveal this misunderstanding in a highly practical and simple way.

We explore how the mind-body really works through conversation and exercises.

The impact of this simple exploration is that leaders and team members get a taste for when they are at their absolute best.

They become familiar with their natural clarity of mind and resilience.

Equally, they see how they can be at their absolute best more and more often.

Thus impacting their team members and colleagues.

They are then able to access their best versions regularly at the office – especially when times get tough.

Benefits of Reconnect Training Sessions for your company

Our training sessions are 3-day intensives with a small group in a beautiful place.

We also offer:


What Did They Say about me

Emma’s coaching has helped me to be more relaxed and effective at work. I can now communicate easily and assertively with team members from other cultures. This saves time and stress! I am a much better listener at work AND in my personal life.
Marketing Professional, ALSO
Sessions with Emma enable us to manage difficult conversations with ease and flow. We communicate better as a team, and now see pauses as an opportunity for fresh thought, rather than something awkward! I now appreciate that you really do need to slow down in order to speed up!
Manager, Sngular