Reconnect Retreats

If you are a business founder or leader who constantly feels stressed, anxious, depressed, or you are already burnt out, it is VITAL that you give yourself some time to reconnect.

If you burn out you could be out of the game for a very long time.

Being uptight is not only terrible for your health, but for your performance, productivity and relationships.

I know you miss feeling alive, joyful and full of energy…

…Listen to how Reconnect came about:

Reconnect Story

It was 2017. I had recently gone through a breakup and was feeling sad and lost. The light inside of me seemed to have dimmed.

I flew to Italy for my sister Jo’s wedding, who was getting married in Lake Garda. When I arrived, she and her fiancé picked me up, and we went out on a boat on the lake with my little nephew.

The warm breeze on my face and the green scenery surrounding the glistening lake, watching my little nephew’s sheer joy, immediately seemed to shift something inside of me.

Jo asked me how I was, and I completely opened up about how I was feeling. We talked and talked and listened and listened with the wind in our hair.

I couldn’t believe how much better I was feeling; how much hope and optimism I suddenly saw all around me. Jo said the same, that she felt totally free and happy out there on the boat.

We began to dream of creating a weekend retreat for people who want to “reconnect”; to get their spark and clarity back.

At this point, we envisioned the minimum raw material for the retreat to be a beautiful place, relaxed-deep, coaching-led conversations and movement to powerful music. After the wedding, we set a date for the retreat for the following year in Madrid.

At the end of that year, I went for breakfast with one of my best friends, Marcus Hemsley. I told him that I was thinking of doing more training in NLP. He told me to WAIT before making that decision, and to read a book he gave me first.

The book spoke of an understanding of the mind revealed by the Scottish mystic Sydney Banks, which was simpler and more comprehensive than any other psychological approach.

He said that a coach had been working with his employees teaching this understanding, with excellent results.

At first, I was a bit skeptical, as it sounded a little spiritual for my numbers-driven friend, Marcus. But as he’d said, it was getting measurable results… I was intrigued.

I read the entire book “One Thought Changes Everything” by Mara Gleason on the plane back to Spain. When I arrived I messaged Marcus, “I want to learn more about this. Please put me in touch with your coach”.

His coach put me in touch with another coach in Spain who had trained with him in London. I then went on to receive intensive training in this understanding from this coach.

As such, Jo and I’s first retreat, Reconnect Weekend, shared this understanding, and we were all blown away by the results.

Marcus came on this retreat too, and went on to sign up to our subsequent retreats, as he had been so impacted by this first one.

The Reconnects helped Marcus to heal from burnout and to find an entirely different way of being in the world, which allowed him to be even more impactful in his work.

At Reconnects, Jo also offers Refuel, exercise to Live Music, for those who want to keep a little active over the weekend.

Starting the day moving our bodies to the beat of the handpan (a beautiful instrument that looks like a mini spaceship) was pure magic.

I continued to deepen my understanding of the mind-body, through various courses and explorations around Sydney Banks’ understanding of the mind. Also through the study and practice of Non-Dual Kashmir Shaivism, which points in a very similar direction.

We continued to run Reconnects in Spain and Germany (where Jo lives) until February this year 2023, when we ran one in the south of Spain by the sea.

I was going through a somewhat traumatic experience at the time. I felt I couldn’t do anything but show up anyway, exactly as I was, and share whatever was inside of me, whatever I knew to be true.

Something alchemic happened on this latest retreat.

Jo, Marcus and I came out of it inspired to run a Reconnect Weekend in Norwich UK where Marcus’ business is based, for business founders and leaders on the verge of burnout.

We are running a Reconnect Weekend for business founders in Norwich this September. We have several guest speakers who have shared this understanding of the mind-body, plus the best counterstrain healer in the country.  We will also have a live band to celebrate on the Sunday night.

This Reconnect Weekend is now full. Our next one will be in February in a luxury house in Marbella Spain with an indoor swimming pool and only 6 rooms (everybody has their own room, only couples share).

Imagine losing the fear of feeling. I mean, regardless of how lost, sad or stressed you feel, beneath that you could feel joy and a sense of direction.

As Sydney Banks said: “If the only thing people learnt was not to be afraid of their own experience, that alone would change the world.”

If you would like to participate on our next Reconnect, schedule a consultation with me here:

Benefits of Reconnect


What they said about Reconnect

It’s been incredible. The big thing I’ve realised is the relationship with my thinking. I’m in a place now where I can go back into a busy life, but handle stress and thinking around stress in a much better way. I’ve met some incredible people and I’ll certainly be coming back.
Performance Agency Owner, UK
The people, the scenery, the whole feeling was a perfect way of having an experience which can really make a strong change in your life if you keep to the wisdom of what’s being said. It is another way of realising the simple fact of what the meaning of life is and how to live the moment.
Business owner in the music industry, Germany
I discovered that all human beings are looking for a way to find their wellbeing. And that finding it can be very easy. It’s part of doing less and just trusting...and letting everything get into its natural flow.
Senior Software Developer & Entrepreneur, Spain
A real pleasure. The exercises helped me understand at a very deep level how my experience of life is created in my mind. I understood that my wellbeing is innate to me and that nothing from the outside has the power to alter it . When I think that something is affecting my wellbeing I know now it is just an illusion. Thank you Emma
Chiropractor, Spain